Saturday, September 29, 2007

It's so on! Like Donkey Kong!

So for the last 4 hours I have been updating our new Halloween website and trying to get it submitted on the web to get us some traffic. 4 hours! It takes forever to do some of this crap! But an upside is Melanie made an AWESOME banner for the Halloween website in Adobe! I also posted a few ad's on CL as google seems to find the ad's before it finds the actual website. Starting tomorrow I will have a few people over and the process begins!

Friday, September 28, 2007

I heard him make the call to his wife and all he said was "the deed is done"

Thank god my wife has no need to plant things. Thats exactly what I said to my friend Scott while I helped him unload railroad ties from a truck. With that said lets start from the start....

I got a call from my friend Scott asking if I wanted to tag along while he went to get some windshield wiper replacements. I agreed and he picked me up. On the way back from the store he then mentioned that I was just recruited to go with him to pick up some railroad ties... D'oh! As I clawed at the door and windows in the car to escape, I heard him make the call to his wife and all he said was "the deed is done" I quickly unlocked the door but nothing happened... DAMN Childlock! I thought something was weird when he asked me to ride in the back seat! 20 mins later we were at our destination... not a hardware store or a lumber yard, but at the side of the highway at the railroad tracks. He and his accomplice met up and got out their whips and one pickax. I was then forced from the car and told to start removing ties and placing them in the truck. After loading the truck he said he was sorry and that he would take me home now so that I could clean my wounds from the whipping. Just as we were back at my house he turned and headed to his house. I tried to escape again... DAMN, why did I sit in the back seat again! After making me unload them all myself Scott and his accomplice finally set me free. Rubbing alcohol on open wounds feels fine right? Gotta go!

Halloween is just around the corner!

Melanie and I put on a Haunted House every year and this year will be better than ever because we will be open 2 days!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Diabolic plan #2491 has been formed

I am addicted to! I have found that putting an ad in the pet's section doesn't really get us too much business, although its free, so I don't post there very often. However this week a new pooper scooper has been posting ad's every day. This doesn't really bother me because our prices are way lower (by 50%) but in one of their ad's they decided to post our name and saying we didn't do an area of town. That prompted us to start doing that area... I don't think they were happy about that... but when you push.

Diabolic plan #2491 has been formed and if pushed I will implement it with a force. It will be effectively taking any customers other scoopers have and giving them such a deal that they will switch to our service. But there are enough customers in the Reno area so without being provoked the plan stays on hold.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Websites VS The Scooper

Today I decided it was time to try and create a website for our Haunted House. Before today I have only made one website and it wasn't very good but it got the point across. Somehow I was able to create this new site in just one day, not only that it actually looks good! I will be filling the content throughout the week in preparation for October 1st!

Friday, September 21, 2007

The Scooper VS honeysuckle scented votive candles

Last night Melanie was invited to a "candle" party. I was called by my friend asking if I was coming, and my first answer was hell no! But then it sounded like we would be hanging out (all the guys) while the candle party was going on. As we arrived (late because I needed a shower after that amount of poop) I noticed that ALL the guys were sitting down and when I asked my friend for a tasty beverage, he said it would have to wait. WAIT? Dude, I came for a beverage and conversation not honeysuckle scented votive candles! No offense to those who put on those shows or those who enjoy them... it's not my thing... give me a show about Halloween props and Captain Morgan and I am in! I did finally get to enjoy a drink after hanging outside until the "party" ended.
They are so lucky that there were plenty of cookies!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

5D x 3M = TOS

So I had a first time job today that was a bit much. They have several dogs and had not cleaned up for a while. After 2 hours of cleaning I picked up bag after bag and tossed them. Then I decided to calculate out how much poo there was. 350 pounds of shit! 24 bags filled with the gooey stuff. Good times! Good Times!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

85 packs of coke in the car... 85 packs of coke... take one down....

I have seriously slacked on here... I will get to all the catchups on Friday but for now I will regail you with my story of how coke is great!

Don't break out the mirror, I'm talking about Coke a Cola, the greatest beverage ever. I recently switched to coke zero and since then my coke intake has been reduced greatly. If I am out of coke I can now go up to a week without it which for those of you who know me thats huge. On Tuesday on one of my regular bathroom stops while scooping, I noticed that Home Depot had a few pallets of coke, diet coke and coke zero. Since they do not normally carry the glourious beverage I decided to check out to see what the sale price might be. Much to my surprise is was $1.98 for a twelve pack! No tax, no crv, just $1.98! Now for those of you who don't know prices...
Scolaries (our only grocery store) sale price today 2 for $9 normal price $5.49 for 1
Walmart (where we usually shop due to price) today sale price $3.32 for 1 and the lowest has been $2.50 last year.
Great price right! So as I packed the Subaru with my bounty (not even using my total soda budget) I called a friend to tell him of the deal. As I finished packing and headed off to the next job my friend calls back from another Home Depot thanking me for telling him then asking if I used the coupon. Coupon I asked? So that store had $1.50 off coupons for coke zero making the twelve pack a mere $0.48. Making the soda's just $0.04 each, add the recycle fee of $0.05 per can I'll get back if I take them to California and I would be paid to drink coke! After scooping for the day I headed to that store with the intention of returning all the coke zero and re-buying it at this crazy price. After all coke zero is mostly what I bought. After waiting for more than a 1/2 hour and having one person at the store try and tell me there was a limit (of which I pointed out that they did not post that) then try and tell me that the coupons were for a later visit (which I pointed out to her that the coupons did not say that) and after much whining on their parts I got my money back for the difference. Think I saved some money? And Hell yeah I went back today to get some more. 85 twelve packs is the current number, 50 of which are coke zero. Tasty!