Friday, September 19, 2008

The henchman you sent to kill me failed, so sorry!

He is currently tied up in the back of Scooper1 and will remain there until I get the required information. Your plot to assassinate me and take over my region has failed, I will be coming for you soon. I have attained that his name is Pier' and he is well versed in the are of "bead tossing." Although I am not sure what that pertains to I will foil your next attempt with some "bead tossing" of my own.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Whoever though it would be funny needs to stop!

Diabolical plan #1863 was not a success like previously stated. Somehow someone learned of my plans and decided it would be funny to replace the wonderflonium with frozen pet waste. After taking the contents out and placing them in my freeze ray much to my disgust, the freeze ray did not start working but smoking. Now my entire layer smells of burnt plastic wires, and crap.

I will have my revenge!

On a side note applications are coming in but the candidates as of so far have not impressed me. Remember, is the only place to apply, please stop trying to break into my layer for an interview, that is all.

Again, I will have my revenge!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Diabolic plan #1863 was "technically" a success...

The short end of it is I was able to breach the facility in Kansas. I did find a case that should have been holding the wonderflonium that I was after. I was able to make my escape without being spotted... well I was seen a few times, but not captured. Once I have deduced what type of materials were in the case I will update you all. Unfortunitly I do not believe that the precious wonderflonium was in the case.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Grooming an Evil mascot takes time... not thievery!

I have for six years now been grooming Pugzilla to be a mascot to evil, but I have been betrayed by genetics. He recently had to have his eye removed because of glaucoma which got the attention of Pilates Pirate. PP has now taken an interest in recruiting Pugzilla because of his now pirate pug status and his name begins with a P. I have been planning Pugzilla's path and just because he could be known as PPP I plan on filing a grievance with the league. Until PP is dealt with I am putting Pugzilla on lockdown.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Diabolic plan #1863 has commenced

I was able to plant the Subconscinabler last month at the house of an unknowing accomplice. After having the replace the batteries twice I was finally able to get it synced to his brainwaves and the plan has begun. I have convinced my new rube to have me come along on a road trip to Kansas. Which as you all know that is where they keep all the wonderflonium supplies (thanks to Dr. Horrible and the events leading to the death of Captin Hammers Girlfriend.) So in order to get my own Freeze Ray working I needed to take a trip there unnoticed. This opportunity has presented itself and although it is a bit early I am on my way to steal the Wonderflonium with my unknowing accomplice. We will be using his vehicle so I will not have to drive Scooper1 which as you all know an evil vehicles tend to stand out. I will not be able to update this plan in action as I will need to keep everything on the DL. Once I have the Wonderflonium I will be able to launch diabolic plans 143, 16, 1992, and 971. Stay tuned.

Also I will be holding interviews in Colorado at 2:47am for those of you who have emailed thus far.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Now accepting applications from the Henchman's union

I have realized that to accomplish Diabolic plans number 326, 851, 4268, and 4 I will need a henchman to complete some small tasks.
Requirements are as follows:
You must have a bad sense of smell (as too many have backed out once I have unleashed one of my secret tools)
Your disposablity level must rate a 7.2 or higher
You must have driving experience with evil vehicles
You must have the ability to fling poo like a spider monkey - or equivalent to a mental patient
Your henchman hours must meet or exceed 18.8 units
Those with experience with small rakes and dustpans will be considered first

Send correspondence through the union or email your application to

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Scooper VS Dr. Horrible's acceptance into the Evil League of Evil

I have a problem and now I can no longer keep my plans surreptitious. Dr. Horrible has ruined my plans of joining the Evil League of Evil covertly. By outright blogging of his plans to join the League, and succeeding, it has made it near impossible for anyone else trying to join to not have a blog or some sort of public forum for Bad Horse and the others to keep track of evil doings. Although I have in the past posted some of my different diabolical plans I had not planned to reveal the true master plan. It just feels like I am pandering to Bad Horse but if that's what it takes, so it must be.Dr. Horrible (for those of you red tribal people in the amazon) has been trying for years to get into the Evil League of Evil. He had always been thwarted by Captain Hammer (corporate Tool.) He had his Evil sing along blog online at but has recently taken it down and posted it on iTunes. The Evil League of Evil wanted to bring in supplemental income with one of their "legitimate" businesses. I don't blame them, as I have watched it over and over again to learn what I need to do to be accepted into the League. Let me be clear that I will not do a "sing along" type of evil format, but I will start accepting emails and posting more of my plans.

So let this (and the numerous applications I have sent in) be my official notice to the Evil League of Evil,
Bad Horse,
Snake Bite,
Fury Leika,
Dead Bowie,
Fake Thomas Jefferson,
Professor Normal,
and of course Dr. Horrible,
I "The Scooper" will join the Evil League of Evil and nothing can stop me! Let the games begin.

Super Mario Galaxy continues to rule me

I received Super Mario galaxy for the Wii last year at Christmas and had played it a total of 5 minutes until about a week ago. It's not that I didn't like the game I just got busy and hadn't really played to many one player games as the Wii is very fun with more people.

That is until last week or so when I decided to put the game on notice that I was coming for it. Had I known the level of involvement I may not have made such a bold challenge but alas here I am. The game is very addictive and I can see why it is one of the top 10 games of all time for the Wii. I have been running up and down and all around as this game is not just played on a flat playing field but on small planets that you run around or asteroids that you jump from one to another. It has come to the point that on Melanie's birthday I asked her if she wanted to watch me play... how 80's of me!

There are plenty of more updates and by far more interesting but at the moment this consumes me.