Thursday, January 15, 2009

Diabolic plan #2399 is in effect... You have been warned!

Just a short update. Pretty much just for my fans and loyal subjects, I mean there aren't that many of you out there... well enough for me to write you I guess... anyways you get the idea... um if you don't get the idea then email me at then I'll put you straight. If you do already get it then read on.

I plan to change all the sauce packets at taco bell to a hotter sauce than what the outside packaging says. Thus, panic will ensue with peoples mouths burning. Mass confusion over the level of hotness they thought they were putting on and what they actually got will start riots in the streets. From that point I will be able to start diabolic plan #882, terror of which the world has never seen!!!Although these packets look like they are hot... the sauce inside has actually been replaced by FIRE sauce! It has begun...

Monday, January 12, 2009

After many months I have come out of hiding

For those of you who know, I have been in hiding because a mysterious (and bothersome) crime fighter has made it their mission to ruin all my plans for world domination. After the attempt on my life that failed I thought I had dealt with the problem. I however did not know of the new "stuperhero" that was working his lame moves my way. He has settled in Reno and has been working with local law enforcement to try and stop my every move. After careful consideration and research I feel that I am ready to continue with my plans... Nothing can stop me now!!!!

I also did some research to find if this new guy was registered with the World Superhero Registry, but he is not. He is lame and has something to do with carrots. He keeps yelling something about boc? Either way he will not stop me! If any of my followers comes across him please let me know, also keep track of the rest of the bothersome bunch here I was able to find a picture of him... what a vile looking boy!

I have also sent my grievance to the counsel about this nuisance not following the proper channels in declaring me his new arch enemy. Since he wears a bandoleer of carrots I can only assume that he has super vision... or he throws them. Either way he has stopped me with brute force... I must find his weakness... maybe sugar?