Sunday, March 2, 2008

I've got Gas... can you smell it?

Melanie and I have always wants to have a gas range. Recently we started talking about it again so I decided to see if we even had lines hooked up to get a gas oven in the first pace. Come to find out indeed we do. Then we looked up how much gas ranges over. As all one of you readers know I am addicted to So I checked there and there was only one used on and it looked like crap so no deal there. Well on Saturday I was doing my usual search of everything in Fernley (I do this because if I find a great deal its the fastest place I can get to) and low and behold, theres a perfect oven for sale... and just $75! It's the same brand as the rest of our appliances and a better model than our glass top electric range! Sneaky style, I make the purchase (after talking them down to $60) and get it installed without telling Melanie. She came home and was shocked... she thought I had gone out and bought a new stove and was pissed until I told her that the total cost including parts was just $75! She's one happy camper!

Now in classic Justin style I now had an extra stove that needed to be gotten rid of and I had just the way. Post it on CL, for double what I just paid. I was willing to be talked down... all the way to $75 but that wasn't to be. No, I was only to sell it within a day and for the full asking price.

That reminds me of someone....

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