Monday, March 3, 2008

The Scooper VS Spell Check

Spell check is the greatest thing invented since the adult diaper. Like the diaper, spell check makes it so that you don't get embarrassed, look like an idiot, and help keep up the appearance that you are in control. This is not the problem I have with spell check... it's the fact that when I misspell a word, I can just right click on the word to see a list of the right one and pick it. Because the convenience of this act is used so often I start to correct words quickly, and thats where the real problem lies. Within that "right click" set of options is also an option to add a word to the dictionary. It's great when you always use the word craptacular and you are tired of the condescending red line mocking your incorrect spelling and judging you, you just click "add to dictionary." Great right? Why am I whining like a baby you ask? Well say you are going along and as you go to correct a word that you misspelled twice in a row, you start moving quick to correct the second word and you click add to dictionary (which is right by the correct spelling) leaving you with a new misspelling in your computers dictionary. Well that is what I've done twice now... twice I have added a misspelled word to our dictionary (words I love to misspell) and I can't find how to fix it. I have tried search the help files, online helps, online forums... and nothing. Worst of all I can't remember those two words anymore. Damn comepudder!

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