Friday, August 29, 2008

Totally lazy to the max! Many stories to update....

I have been overly lazy and have not been updating this for all my loyal viewer. I will update the following stories as well as more...

The Scooper in : Kidney Trouble
The Scooper VS The Radio Control Association in Fernley
The Scooper in : Taking care of business - AKA The wife
The Scooper VS The Fernley Farmers Market
Rock Band Shenanigans
The Scooper VS too much Meat
And many more

Why not start right now you ask? I have to go clean up a yard that has a dog that I like to call has the Mississippi Mile pooper (long lines of drippy gooey poo) as the bush pooper (full reverse complete with warning beeps only to lay the load within the center of the bush.) Both are worthy adversaries and must be met with the stern force of the SCOOPER!

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