Thursday, February 19, 2009

Being Evil costs have gone up. That's why I started the next new endeavor

The newest way of making supplemental income has come in the form of my new business.

GET DOWN!!! Escape Planning Services

We are your full service escape planning service. From household escape mapping to getting out of any situation, we can give you a professional plan to escape. We have an escape plan for any situation and any budget.

Worried that your whole family will be killed in a fire? Not going to have time to save the family fish? We have a plan for you!

Been avoiding your boss because you haven't done your work for a week.? Think they may have found out that you were the one that "tainted" the office coffee? We have a plan for you!

Driving on south Virginia and think you're being followed? Forgot to call us but still need a plan sent to your phone? We have a plan for you!

Just used the bathroom and as usual you flooded the toilet at a friends house. You can't use the window to escape but don't want to get caught again. We have a plan for you!

Did you just realize that your boyfriend is a stalker. Is he leaving dead birds at your front door? Can't afford the hit? We have a plan for you!

You went to the bank for a withdrawal forgetting that you brought a gun and bomb strapped to your chest? Once they started throwing money at you, you decided to go with it but now need a way out? We have a plan for you!

If you are planning a kidnapping but realized you don't know how to get out of the hospital with your new baby? We have a plan for you!

Enjoy farting in the elevator but always get caught doing it. We have a plan for you!

Assassins and Ninjas are constantly trying to kill you. Tired of having to fight your way out of a room? We have a plan for you!

Work in a high rise building and afraid your wife and girlfriend are going to meet in the lobby. Worried that they are headed up to your office now to confront you? Don't want to get caught with your other girlfriend in your office? We have a plan for you!

Government hunting your down as a fugitive and need a plan for getting out? We have a plan for you!

We have an escape plan for any and all situations! Worried that your plan will cost too much? Don't be! We have payment plans and prices to meet any budget as well as bartering offers are also accepted. We do not endorse illegal activities but that doesn't mean we can't make a plan for you. Please feel free to email us with your situation that you need a plan for and we will start working out a price and a plan for you.

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