Monday, April 13, 2009

All I wanted was for someone to pass me the rock!

I put this ad on craigslist trying to get a trade.... and yet other than someone asking if I was a woman and hot (so they could work a trade for a ball) I got nothing!

Here's the deal. There is a basketball court near my house and I think I would like to get out and play some hoops. Because of laziness I am unwilling to pay any money for a ball so that when I only use it once (I'm hoping to play more than that of course) I don't feel bad that the ball sits in the garage. Don't get me wrong if it does go to the garage of sorrow it won't be lonely, there's a tone of stuff in there to keep it company, Halloween props, dust, some old carpet pieces, whips, chains, you know the usual . However if I do get to playing again, it will have a happy place to live... as long as the ball doesn't suck and make me suck in return.

But I digress... I would like a nice enough ball that keeps air and hasn't been handed down for years and years. (I don't want my new ball to know that there may have been someone better than me before the ball came to live with me. Then it would try and leave or make me suck... nothing good can come from that) So won't you please help me? I'm not asking for a free ball, but just am unwilling to lay down some green on one so lets make a deal and trade for one. What do you want? I'm going to guess that trading some time watching tv on the couch with me drinking beer is out so, what do you have in mind?

Come on coach I have hoop dreams!

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