Thursday, April 8, 2010

Letters to prison

For years now I have had a family member that has been in prison... surprisingly not my brother either. For many years I had no contact with this family member as he did threaten to harm other family members with an axe while on drugs. As the years passed by the hatred I had slowly went away and I decided to write him.

We now write back and forth occasionally... well he sadly writes me more often than I write him back. In fact I think in the last 6 months he's written 3 times, including a birthday card and I've written... oh none. In fact I should be writing him right now, but I'm blogging about writing to him instead... his letter is next. He always says he doesn't mind with my lack of replies, but then again who is he to complain.

Recently I found out that he is going to be spending a lot of quality alone time. Not through any real fault of his own, the "politics" as he says it get you doing things just to stay alive. That part really sucks, if I had to go to prison my plan would be to pass out and play possum... it just seems that is would be easier that way. At some point everyone from the top to the bottom is to blame a bit for what goes on in there but in the end it all boils down to... you just put a crap-load of criminals in a room all together, shit is going to happen.

Now that he will be getting some alone time... many many months of it, I realized I should get back to writing to him again. He only has a radio, so anything he gets to read will be great for him. I tried to send him lots of letters before copying our blogs and sends them to him but once I stopped updating it was hard to find a reason to write. Well the new plan is to start sending him random articles or stories I find on the net, along with a real letter here and there. Well wish me luck... although I guess it's more for him.

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