Monday, April 5, 2010

This blog about a Haunters Convention will suck... so suck it!

My wife and I are slightly into Halloween... well let me correct that statement, I am uber into Halloween and my wife puts up with it. She has grown to enjoy it but just not at the level that I do.

With that in mind we went to a Halloween Haunters Convention in Las Vegas last a couple years ago. It was pretty awesome and we got a few great ideas for our haunt there. We did also learn that after being in a huge area with so much blood and gore, as well as the smells and sounds, that taking breaks more often was a requirement to stay sane. The convention in Vegas was the first... and unfortunately the last on the west coast. We thought the only way we would be able to go to a convention again would be to travel all the way to the Midwest and east coast. Well we were wrong!

On Feb 22 I received an email informing us of a convention here on the west coast this year! Excitedly I opened the email to hear the trombone "wa wa" sound in my head. It's going to be the first annual convention being put on by a group who had never done a convention *** ***** ***** ***. The ***'s were put in to censor my rude joke. I then read on to learn that the convention was being held at a school for the deaf on Salem Oregon that puts on a professional haunted house every year. I would have just laughed it off but my love for Halloween got me to thinking... it's not that far of a drive, my wife could visit a friend or two, and the hotel near there was pretty cheap. So I thought I would keep an eye on how the convention planning played out.

This last weekend we decided that we would indeed attend the convention. I'm hoping it will be more one on one with professional haunters, and my wife is in it for the road trip. Although I've been keeping an eye on their website, I really haven't seen too much to lead me to believe that this convention will be all that great, but it's the best the west coast has to offer and I'm taking it. I emailed the person in charge to try and get a better idea of the workshops and did get an answer of sorts, still leading me to believe that this might not be that great. But I have faith that it will be the greatest convention I go to this year!

So what was the point of this blog... nothing, so suck it!

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