Wednesday, September 19, 2007

85 packs of coke in the car... 85 packs of coke... take one down....

I have seriously slacked on here... I will get to all the catchups on Friday but for now I will regail you with my story of how coke is great!

Don't break out the mirror, I'm talking about Coke a Cola, the greatest beverage ever. I recently switched to coke zero and since then my coke intake has been reduced greatly. If I am out of coke I can now go up to a week without it which for those of you who know me thats huge. On Tuesday on one of my regular bathroom stops while scooping, I noticed that Home Depot had a few pallets of coke, diet coke and coke zero. Since they do not normally carry the glourious beverage I decided to check out to see what the sale price might be. Much to my surprise is was $1.98 for a twelve pack! No tax, no crv, just $1.98! Now for those of you who don't know prices...
Scolaries (our only grocery store) sale price today 2 for $9 normal price $5.49 for 1
Walmart (where we usually shop due to price) today sale price $3.32 for 1 and the lowest has been $2.50 last year.
Great price right! So as I packed the Subaru with my bounty (not even using my total soda budget) I called a friend to tell him of the deal. As I finished packing and headed off to the next job my friend calls back from another Home Depot thanking me for telling him then asking if I used the coupon. Coupon I asked? So that store had $1.50 off coupons for coke zero making the twelve pack a mere $0.48. Making the soda's just $0.04 each, add the recycle fee of $0.05 per can I'll get back if I take them to California and I would be paid to drink coke! After scooping for the day I headed to that store with the intention of returning all the coke zero and re-buying it at this crazy price. After all coke zero is mostly what I bought. After waiting for more than a 1/2 hour and having one person at the store try and tell me there was a limit (of which I pointed out that they did not post that) then try and tell me that the coupons were for a later visit (which I pointed out to her that the coupons did not say that) and after much whining on their parts I got my money back for the difference. Think I saved some money? And Hell yeah I went back today to get some more. 85 twelve packs is the current number, 50 of which are coke zero. Tasty!

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