Friday, September 28, 2007

I heard him make the call to his wife and all he said was "the deed is done"

Thank god my wife has no need to plant things. Thats exactly what I said to my friend Scott while I helped him unload railroad ties from a truck. With that said lets start from the start....

I got a call from my friend Scott asking if I wanted to tag along while he went to get some windshield wiper replacements. I agreed and he picked me up. On the way back from the store he then mentioned that I was just recruited to go with him to pick up some railroad ties... D'oh! As I clawed at the door and windows in the car to escape, I heard him make the call to his wife and all he said was "the deed is done" I quickly unlocked the door but nothing happened... DAMN Childlock! I thought something was weird when he asked me to ride in the back seat! 20 mins later we were at our destination... not a hardware store or a lumber yard, but at the side of the highway at the railroad tracks. He and his accomplice met up and got out their whips and one pickax. I was then forced from the car and told to start removing ties and placing them in the truck. After loading the truck he said he was sorry and that he would take me home now so that I could clean my wounds from the whipping. Just as we were back at my house he turned and headed to his house. I tried to escape again... DAMN, why did I sit in the back seat again! After making me unload them all myself Scott and his accomplice finally set me free. Rubbing alcohol on open wounds feels fine right? Gotta go!

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