Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Diabolic plan #2491 has been formed

I am addicted to! I have found that putting an ad in the pet's section doesn't really get us too much business, although its free, so I don't post there very often. However this week a new pooper scooper has been posting ad's every day. This doesn't really bother me because our prices are way lower (by 50%) but in one of their ad's they decided to post our name and saying we didn't do an area of town. That prompted us to start doing that area... I don't think they were happy about that... but when you push.

Diabolic plan #2491 has been formed and if pushed I will implement it with a force. It will be effectively taking any customers other scoopers have and giving them such a deal that they will switch to our service. But there are enough customers in the Reno area so without being provoked the plan stays on hold.

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Carol said...

Love your diabolical plans!