Friday, September 21, 2007

The Scooper VS honeysuckle scented votive candles

Last night Melanie was invited to a "candle" party. I was called by my friend asking if I was coming, and my first answer was hell no! But then it sounded like we would be hanging out (all the guys) while the candle party was going on. As we arrived (late because I needed a shower after that amount of poop) I noticed that ALL the guys were sitting down and when I asked my friend for a tasty beverage, he said it would have to wait. WAIT? Dude, I came for a beverage and conversation not honeysuckle scented votive candles! No offense to those who put on those shows or those who enjoy them... it's not my thing... give me a show about Halloween props and Captain Morgan and I am in! I did finally get to enjoy a drink after hanging outside until the "party" ended.
They are so lucky that there were plenty of cookies!

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