Friday, September 5, 2008

Diabolic plan #1863 has commenced

I was able to plant the Subconscinabler last month at the house of an unknowing accomplice. After having the replace the batteries twice I was finally able to get it synced to his brainwaves and the plan has begun. I have convinced my new rube to have me come along on a road trip to Kansas. Which as you all know that is where they keep all the wonderflonium supplies (thanks to Dr. Horrible and the events leading to the death of Captin Hammers Girlfriend.) So in order to get my own Freeze Ray working I needed to take a trip there unnoticed. This opportunity has presented itself and although it is a bit early I am on my way to steal the Wonderflonium with my unknowing accomplice. We will be using his vehicle so I will not have to drive Scooper1 which as you all know an evil vehicles tend to stand out. I will not be able to update this plan in action as I will need to keep everything on the DL. Once I have the Wonderflonium I will be able to launch diabolic plans 143, 16, 1992, and 971. Stay tuned.

Also I will be holding interviews in Colorado at 2:47am for those of you who have emailed thus far.

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