Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Scooper VS Dr. Horrible's acceptance into the Evil League of Evil

I have a problem and now I can no longer keep my plans surreptitious. Dr. Horrible has ruined my plans of joining the Evil League of Evil covertly. By outright blogging of his plans to join the League, and succeeding, it has made it near impossible for anyone else trying to join to not have a blog or some sort of public forum for Bad Horse and the others to keep track of evil doings. Although I have in the past posted some of my different diabolical plans I had not planned to reveal the true master plan. It just feels like I am pandering to Bad Horse but if that's what it takes, so it must be.Dr. Horrible (for those of you red tribal people in the amazon) has been trying for years to get into the Evil League of Evil. He had always been thwarted by Captain Hammer (corporate Tool.) He had his Evil sing along blog online at but has recently taken it down and posted it on iTunes. The Evil League of Evil wanted to bring in supplemental income with one of their "legitimate" businesses. I don't blame them, as I have watched it over and over again to learn what I need to do to be accepted into the League. Let me be clear that I will not do a "sing along" type of evil format, but I will start accepting emails and posting more of my plans.

So let this (and the numerous applications I have sent in) be my official notice to the Evil League of Evil,
Bad Horse,
Snake Bite,
Fury Leika,
Dead Bowie,
Fake Thomas Jefferson,
Professor Normal,
and of course Dr. Horrible,
I "The Scooper" will join the Evil League of Evil and nothing can stop me! Let the games begin.

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