Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Case #btch463 has been closed

Just a whole bunch of shit headed my way... first time cleanups are crappy when people haven't cleaned up in months! I have come to understand that most people will lie about how long it's been... I ask why? I see it all the time, why would someone feel the need to say "it's been a few weeks" when it has obviously been a few months. I don't care at all... but with that said I understand that happens and have only been surprised a couple times with yards out of my imagination. Take case #btch463 - She calls on the weekend asking for service within an hour because she has a party coming over. I tell her that we are booked (well pet sitting and grocery's said so) and that I could come to her house on a scheduled day during the week. She then starts telling me how it is cleaned every week and would take her less than 15 minutes to clean it up and couldn't understand why I wouldn't just come over and do it. By the way she wanted weekly service as well and when I told her our price for 2 dogs she complained and said they only go in a small area like a kennel size and that it should be less than my one dog rate. Now there are a couple other pooper scoopers in Reno and they ALL charge more than us... both in weekly service and first time cleanups. But even with that in mind I tell her that if the space is indeed smaller I can give her a personalized quote. I have done this for a few customers so it's no problem but in the back of my mind I know this LADY is not being quite forthright.

Normal service day comes... I arrive exactly when I say I will... while we are walking to the back yard I ask where the kennel is... What kennel? while walking along the side of the house I say "the area where you said they only go"... you know that area where you told me they only go, I think to myself. Now she had the party on the weekend so I am thinking that someone having people over in the backyard would have cleaned up (since it would only take her 15 mins) and I am only there for a weekly quote. We turn the corner and the entire side of the yard (only on the rocks) is filled. It's been MONTHS! She did not clean for her party, no surprise, and the kennel sized area is more like 1/2 the yard. She tells me... "so it's just here, this tiny area" I turn to her and say... it's full price for weekly service. She then starts to explain that it only takes her 5 mins a week and why should it be so much. I'm sorry if I didn't start this business to make minimum wage and won't cleanup your yard for nothing. I tell her that the area is larger than she described and blah blah blah. While she thinks that over I then start to tell her about the first time cleanup charge starting at $25 (which most houses are about there... still half the price of other people) she then laughs and says yeah there's no way its going to be that much! I said to her that she misheard me and that it starts at $25 and then tell her that it shouldn't be more than $35. I then hear again "but this would only take me 15 mins" LIAR! It's months of shit mixed with rocks... even by hand (the quick and dirty way) it would take me a 45 minutes. I don't mess around with taking time either... I do our first time cleanups for cheap to get weekly customers, so I want in and out as quick as possible. Well I explain to her that because it is in rocks it will take a while and thats it... at this point I know she is not going to sign up for service and although she has me write up the "quote" I can hear he say in her head... but it would only take me 15 mins. There are very few of these people... and I hate them. Note - not one person like this has ever signed up. Although I did have one call me over month later saying "Fine I guess I will pay your price for the cleanup" quoting me the price I told them over a month ago... then telling me that my rates are too expensive for weekly service so they won't be signing up for that... then getting mad because I tell them I will have to quote them a new price because there is now more crap... then finally agreeing to it because they are having people over and they are having a bbq... it hurt me so much to put them on hold, then tell them I was completely booked. Booked like a fox! Well you get it... and if you don't... oh my this post is too damn long!

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