Friday, August 3, 2007

Hoff-Off 07 part one...

Don't hassle the Hoff! So Melanie and I were just watching America's Got Talent.. Damn you shitty programing! We were watching and after the first contestant Melanie said I could FF past the judges comments... but I wanted to hear from the Hoff. As a laughed at everything he said she sat there disgusted saying how she does not like him at all. We then started Hoff-Off 07, a debate of such magnitude that this would change the way life as we know it continues to exist.

My position - David Hasselhoff aka The Hoff
Hilarious to watch because he is so bad that anything he does is great!

Melanie's position - Hasslehoff is so fucking cheesy and i hate him...look at this example of cheese:

So thats where the line has been drawn. Now in my defense I am going to say that the Hoff of today is by far the best and back in the day I didn't care for him... minus Knight Rider of course! Now that he has become the Hoff and made such a comeback I can't help but love to watch him.
Seriously how can you not love how out there this guy is. He is so full of himself and feels his image is "the cool guy" you can't help but look at him and hear him speak without laughing! I mean aside from his brilliant acting carer, he is one of the best vocal artists I have listened to since Shatner. I mean the guy even loves dogs, how can you not love a guy like that?

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