Saturday, August 18, 2007

Did you open the garage door?

Last week as I was coming back home I left the garage door open. I did this because our neighbor was talking to me earlier and I said I would talk to him later. He was not outside but his garage was open so I thought I would keep ours open so if he wanted to talk to me he could come over and it didn't look like I came back home and ditched having to talk to him.

I forgot that I did that and apparently went to sleep. The next morning woke up headed to the garage to get something out of scooper1 and realized what I did. I asked Melanie just in case if she opened it in the morning. Nope, my bad! Lets go over everything that would have been gone had we not lived on our side of town or in San Jose.

Two buggys with keys in them
Two scooters with keys in them
Numerous collectible bar items
Oh this list just keeps going from big to small.

Oh and I left the inside garage door unlocked! Nice, now everytime I hear the house creak I think of that!

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