Friday, October 12, 2007

The Scooper VS Newsprint deadlines

The castle has been finished! Over the last week Melanie and I have been working day and night to get the front of Frightmare Mansion completed. I had to empty the garage of all this wood I got for free off CL from a trade show booth. While I started to move things out I realized that some of the pieces could be used perfectly for the front facade. After spending the better part of Saturday building it Melanie and I painted it and it look awesome!Both sides have windows that are lit up at night with a couple scary guys in there. Wednesday night we got a call from one of the local newspapers saying they would be coming by Thursday to take pictures. As soon as Melanie hung up the phone I started listing out what needed to be completed so that the picture would be awesome... after staying up most of the night painting and making flags for the front Melanie was beat and while she was doing that I was busy fixing up the graveyard as the windstorm two days before had it's way with most of the decorations.

We finished everything I wanted just hours before the press showed up. They are going to run our story next Wednesday and then the week after as well! Now all I have to complete is the rest of the haunted house. D'oh!

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