Friday, October 5, 2007

The truth has come out about our haunted house...

We know there have been rumors about our Haunted House. Some of the rumors going around are so far from the truth we have decided to set the record straight.

In 1896, Billy Smith was just 8 years old. Billy was sent to live with his Uncle, a rich and sinister man. Billy’s Uncle had a very big house with a very large staff. He even employed an unusual scientist to help make strange, some say evil, potions to help him make more money. No one was allowed in the scientist’s laboratory.

Billy’s curiosity eventually got the best of him and he entered the forbidden laboratory. While in there Billy came across a beautiful bottle with a label marked “For Billy.” Billy, of course knew it was meant for him, so he drank it.

Starting that night, Billy was tormented by not only nightmares but Billy described them as “Frightmares” because they were so horrific. Night after night Billy would dread going to sleep because he knew what awaited him…Frightmares.

About 5 years ago, we found Billy Smith’s diary at an estate sale and bought it. Billy’s diary contains all of the Frightmares that tortured him over the years and believe me, these are very scary indeed. We have used portions of his Frightmares in our Haunted House, which is why we call it Frightmare Mansion.

We don’t know why the scientist had the potion for Billy in his laboratory to drink. We don’t even know what became of Billy; his last entry was when Billy was just 12 years old. Since we purchased Billy’s diary we have had strange occurrences in our house. We believe that Billy’s ghost is roaming around at night in our graveyard pleased that we have used his diary for our own Frightmare Mansion.

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