Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Slave Labor and the Scooper

Earlier this week I had the daunting task of clearing out the garage. I needed to do this because I need to get the walls up as soon as possible but everything in the garage was a bit too much for me. Knowing this I called in the troops!My buddy Scott showed up first and right to work we went. I swear the garage was half full and within a hour it was starting to look like we could get the job done. Then my buddy Barney called (after flaking out on me over the weekend he was now ready to help) and headed over. We got the entire garage cleared out and I asked if they wanted to stay for pizza. After they both said yes I said "Good! I wanted help putting up this netting!" Although they did help me put it up in the end they also rebelled until I was able to provide them with tasty beverages.

Thats what I get! It looks great and now I'm off to start the walls!

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