Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's sad when all you look forward to is coming home to spew

To answer the first question...Yes I did eat the HH from Tuesday. Who would I be if I didn't. The good news is it wasn't the food, the bad news is that it was the stomach flu.

With that said Wednesday was a pretty rough day. In the morning I woke up feeling worse but decided that I had to scoop today. I had all my customers from Tuesday and all of Wednesday backed up and I had the choice of waiting out the sickness and backing up all my Thursday customers as well, not doing some of my customers this week, or suck it up and cork it (literally).

I decided I couldn't wait it out and didn't want to leave my customers wading around in their backyards. Aside from the extra restroom stops the day went ok, although when your stomach is turning it make picking up a steamer a bit more difficult. By 7 I was on my way home looking forward to praying to the porcelain god. As soon as I got home I announced my intentions, sent my wife off to pet sit, then did the deed.

I then sent my wife out to get some food to settle my stomach. Taco Bell was my choice... oops gotta run!

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