Monday, July 23, 2007

Pray to me you little shit

I walk in the door and you greet me by sitting up and holding your paws out to me. You know what you have done... thats why you pander to me this way. I let you outside and thats when I see what you have left me.... Really? From what I am looking at in the kitchen I am going to guess that if you fart you turn around to see where it came from. Something you ate last night didn't sit right. I know you long for your childhood as you are no longer a puppy, but spin art? I guess you weren't quite sure why you had the squirts (or streams) but I don't think it was necessary to chase your tail while you went. While I cleaned the entire circle I did have to stop and wonder exactly how it is that a 2 foot tall dog can get a circle to go up nearly 4 feet of the wall. You must have been dizzy.

I loath you, see you tomorrow.

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