Friday, July 20, 2007

It's time to get this shit started!

This will probably be a mesh of things that go on in the world of scooping and my life in general, so here goes! I have been scooping for our business for about a year and a half now and I have come to realize that my loving wife no longer wants to hear about "how big it was" or yet another story of a "fresh steamer", in fact I can pretty much tell that once I start talking about "how many bags this one house took to clean it up" she's already checked out. So now I turn to you... Let's talk Shit!


Anonymous said...

I had a really shitty experience a while back with Sasha, our English Springer fur baby.
She decided to take a real big dump (diarrea type)
She was pulling me hard on the leash in one direction while I was trying to clean her mess up with a plactic bag.
Well warm juicy crap got all over one hand, then trying to fix the situation while she was pulling real hard my other hand got smeared in it.
We were around business buildings no water to clean and I didn't dare walk into an office with both my hands smeared.
I just tried to wipe it off on the grass a real gross situation.

Oh Justin do you know where on the web I can look for funny things to buy, like a fart machine? I saw one on TV a while ago

(Lorna's a automatic fart producing machine, she doesn't need another one!)

Anonymous said...

PS That was Lorna's experience