Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Out of nowhere, Sick like a dog.

I have no idea what happened this morning. It was like every other morning, I got up started checking the computer for new jobs today, then BAM! Out both ends. For hours now, all I do is wake up, hit the bathroom, then back to bed. It's either a bug or something I ate last night. I'm not completely sure it was something I ate as my stomach tends to be fine with things that have passed their prime. For example last week I ate a hard boiled egg that had been in our fridge for over a month. I took one bite and realized it was probably not good. I ate the second half just to be sure. Did anything happen? Nope, my stomach just gave me a "got another?" sound and moved on.

Now last night my wife and I ate two separate dinners. Thinking it's not the food, I told her that she could have my gourmet cuisine for lunch. She normally doesn't like hamburger helper nor when its made with turkey meat, but I figured I would offer as apparently I would not be eating. She did not take the bait...DAMN! So anyone in the area I have some free lunch for you, come and get it! Never mind, I haven't eaten all day and am hungry, it's mine now losers!

Needless to say I did not go pooper scoop today's customers. Although if they each offered up the use of their restrooms I could have probably made it. Well except for the ride home. Oh well!

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