Monday, July 30, 2007

Please note - Diabolic plan #847 is in no way related to plan #679

Over the weekend I started thinking about the other pooper scooper kids in Reno. I thought about how once our website redesign is complete and up it will be very clear what we doo, and how could we get people that search for pooper scoopers online to find us more easily. Thats when I hatched a plot to implement diabolic plan #847 today.

Diabolic Plan #847 -
-Search out any and all competition websites
-find website domain names that people may misspell that are available
-secure said domain names
-redirect said secure domain names to our website
-keep my nefarious plot on the DL until the monkeys are ready

Diabolic plan #847 was a success, once the new website is up the games begin anew!
Please note - Diabolic plan #847 is in no way related to plan #679 Although they are similar in nature, there were no people harmed and I still have both my eyebrows... besides that was totally an accident.

A special thanks goes out to my lovely wife... had she not reminded me this morning by putting plan #847 on the whiteboard, it would not have been completed with such a fierceness.

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