Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Scooper VS A Clean Car

For weeks now scooper1 has needed to be washed. Every time I would think about washing it, the snow would come or I knew I would be driving on a dirt road that was muddy. Well the time came last week and although I wasn't feeling well I broke down and washed it. Feeling that I had done a good job and Scooper1 was looking shiny again I dreaded over the news that once again a storm had come in and I would be driving in snow tomorrow. Scooper1 is once again dirty and they say there are no storms on the horizon so I may just wash it this week. So to add insult to my dirtiness my friend Barney came over to hang out for a bit and saw how dirty Scooper1 was. After I told him of how it was clean and got dirty the next day he then proceeded to tell me how he washes his car 2 to 3 times a week and I should do the same. I decided not to point out that he has no job and I do... I don't have the free time to wash my car all the time... damn job keepin my car dirty!

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