Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Scooper VS Dell Forums and Jerry/c3po5

My friend has a problem with his laptop. One day it worked the next it didn't. He brought it to me to take a look at and thats where it all went downhill. I did all the normal checks and finally came to the conclusion that I needed help from Dell... but without paying up the ass. So after searching all the dell forums finding the exact error code and being disgusted with how little information people post I decided to post my problem and be very clear by posting everything wrong and the steps I tried already.

I have come to realize that I hate Dell forums. Why? Because all I got was a person who feels he is the guru of all that computes and kept posting nonsense. I would post specifically that the hard drive was not bad, he would email me that it was. When I would post that I tested the drive two other places and had tested two other drives in the laptop he would reply back saying the same thing. He couldn't spell and started putting lines in all caps, so when a moderator finally got involved the guy started saying there was a bug in the software on the forums and he wasn't really trying to be an asshole. Then they both started posting back and forth on how they would try and find someone to fix the bug... completely ignoring my problem. Scumbags!

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