Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Scooper VS the Fernley Floods

Last month tragedy struck Fernley in the form of a levee breaking and flooding thousands of homes. My quarrel was not with the flood waters but with the silt and mud left behind at my customers houses. Luckily everyone we know and all of our customers houses were safe but it was very close, in fact within inches for a few houses, but everyone was fine. That fine silt and mud left behind has in fact on more than one occasion made my shoes into platforms. I end up standing so tall that I have to get int o the car through the sun roof. And try as I might but the damn stuff just wont scrape off my shoes. I am continually doing the moon walk on the street just trying to get a few inches off. Even now, weeks later, the grass looks fine but as soon as I begin to walk its like being on a stair step machine. I'm going to have to get a longer rake.


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