Friday, February 8, 2008

Storage Units.... He he he I said unit...

Every so often I like to goto storage unit auctions. For those of you who don't know or haven't been it's just like it sounds. They auction off storage units that people have not paid for or fell behind on rent. They have every opportunity to pay for them, but this is about me.

I started off going to these looking to find some furniture or something cool and found that it is a lot of fun... for me. There are of course some dirty guys there that make their livings off of buying these and they are usually the one that outbid me. I am however the one who sits there and cracks jokes the whole time... maybe getting a chuckle from everyone but mostly for my entertainment. For that reason I like to go with someone I know... this way I don't end up missing locked in a empty unit. Now it's always a gamble to bid on a unit because you can only look in and cannot go poking around so aside from what is directly in sight you never know what you'll get. I have bid and won once and although I threw away about half of what was in there I was able to sell a few items and make my money back as well as end up with a shotgun, tools, metal cabinet, and a bunch of other stuff I will end up using for Halloween.

There are tons of these auctions all the time, and if I had the patience to check all the news papers I would probably end up going to way more... instead I come across a stray email or mailing or craigslist ad and decide to call Scott the night before or even that morning and we go. This time was no different, I found out about it the day before asked Scott and decided I would go. Scott had to back out first thing in the morning so I decided to go wake up my friend Barney last minute and drag him with me. We got there just 5 minutes before it started and Scott was able to make it there with us and we all stood around cracking jokes... mostly about each other.

Now this auctioneer usually starts the bidding pretty high so I didn't have any high hopes for anything..... Oh my god I just realized this story has no end nor anything interesting about it. I started this to tell a different story entirely....Lame story short... I didn't buy any units, only bid on one, and it was pretty boring. Game over.

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